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Imagine if you could get a million people to be great problem solvers, able to methodically solve the hardest problems to root cause and to show the way for others to advance their problem solving skills. Many efforts focus on a single issue; this project is not designed to be a diagnostic to your specific cause or problem, but rather to help mankind be more effective at overcoming its greatest challenges.

Bad problem-solving is everywhere, and mostly dominated by approaches whose primary strategy is guessing. We can do better.

I help you become a better problem-solver. Your life, your business, and the world will flourish for it.

Become the greatest problem-solver you can be.

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I'm the CEO of Stroud International, which helps manufacturing, mining, oil & gas chemical, food & bev, and other businesses across the globe--from Global 500 to boutique--identify and rapidly solve the hard problems hiding massive value for their organization.

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Citizens of the United States and other Western Democracies are trapped in a cycle of degrading their own political systems. They fall victim to wedging, an effective political tactic that plays on emotions and tribalism to cause us to ignore our own political preferences and instead join our tribes to fight a phantom war against our own citizens.

ReConsider aims to educate citizens about wedging and how they participate in the vicious cycle, how to overcome wedging tactics, and how to have effective political thinking and conversations that build mutual understanding and consensus. 

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